Monday, November 13, 2006


This weekend was just crazy! It started out by a visit from Grandma Marla. Cam got to have some Grandma time on Friday! I think they both loved it!

Saturday morning we got family pictures taken. Cam looked really cute, but, Daddy just about blew a gasket. Our appointment was at 11:30, which would have been perfect timing. Cam was happy, lovable, and NOT tired at that time. However, we didn't actually get in until about 12:30. So, by that time everybody was rather irratable, especially Cam! We still think the pictures are as cute as can be! The day was saved by a (close) win by the Huskers! GO BIG RED!!!

Cara spent the better part of two days making homemade baby food. It's actually VERY easy, just time consuming. The health benefits outweight the time it actually took to make the food! Aaron believes Cara turned border-line obsessive compulsive about the whole ordeal.

Here's all the "equipment" you need to make the baby food!

Here's what Cam will be dining on for the next few months! Sweet Peas, Green Beans, Avacado, Squash, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Applesauce, Peaches, and Pears (thanks Jen and Owen for all the GREAT pears)!

Cam says, "Let's get started!!!!"

Happy boy after a meal of homemade squash, peaches, and avacado (FYI: the fat in avacados is wonderful for infant brain development!)

On Saturday night we made a special trip to Wally World (Walmart) to buy some Christmas presents for a boy we don't even know! There's a wonderful organization our there called Samaritan's Purse which supports a cause called "Operation Christmas Child". We chose to buy gifts for a boy between the ages of 10-14. The most important thing is that everything has to fit in a regular size shoe box. The box Cam put together will be sent to a boy who might be a refugee of a civil war, a natural disaster survivor, or living in extreme poverty. This is the first year of hopefully many where Cam will learn what Christmas is all about: Christ's love for the world! We had a great time as a family participating in this organization and would encourage all of our friends and family to consider doing it aswell! You can find more information about Operation Christmas Child at

Again, this was a BUSY and tiring weekend. We have the pictures to prove it!


Dave Ja Vu said...

WOW Cam! Your Mommy was one busy lady. I'm going to have to come over to your crib when I'm old enough to eat real food. I need some other foods in my life besides milk. Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

I think Cam gets more adorable every week!