Sunday, February 04, 2007

Daycare update

Thanks to everybody who was praying for us and our daycare situation. It has finally been resolved. This week Cam is going to be staying with Norma, his WONDERFUL back-up sitter. She's awesome. He gets so much attention while he's there, not only from her, but from her grandkids that she watches after school. Then, starting next week, Cam will be with Cara's friend Amber. She's a wonderful person who stays home with her two boys Carter (3) and Ashton (12 months). She had been considering taking in another child to watch, but only wanted one and was really looking for a teacher's kid. She didn't think that would be easy to find, considering it's the middle of the school year.
Amber jumped on the chance when she heard we were looking for someone new. Amber and Cara decided that it must just be "meant to be". We feel really good about this decision. Cam's going to get so much love and attention from Amber and her boys. For the first time, Cara feels only a "little" guilty about abandoning him all day while she's at work. Speaking of, Cara turned in her letter of intent to CNSSP to go part time for the 2007-2008 school year. So, there's no turning back now, but she's feels very liberated and happy with the decision. CNSSP is already advertising for the other half of her position. So, you know where to send any good SLPs looking for a part time position.


Clay said...

A Mommy that only works part time? The Little Ladies will be jealous to hear about that. Congrats Mom!!!