Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Three Wades. One happy family. But, where's Harley :(

I was a very lucky boy this weekend. Nana AND Grandma visited! Boy, am I spoiled. Nana ran Mommy ragged again SHOPPING, SHOPPING, SHOPPING!!

These flowers kept me busy at Walmart this weekend. So, I decided my beautiful cousins: Kaitlyn, Shaylee, and Jenna each needed one! I even personally kissed each one to send my love! I love you Kay-Kay, Shay-Pie, and J-Baby.

Look at Daddy's new golf partner! Mommy and Daddy are surprised at
what a golf natural I am.

This is me talking to Nana on the phone, which is my new favorite hobby.

This is me yelling at Mommy for taking the phone away from me! It took the better part of a whole night to get me calmed down. So, I am "grounded" from the phone until further notice.


Dave Ja Vu said...

Those parental units can be strict sometimes. Give me a call when you get your privileges back. Later!


Baby Jenna said...
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Baby Jenna said...

Hey Camo!!! Thank you for the beautiful flowers! They made the day! I can't wait to see you. Sorry I'll miss the "Big One" party...I sure am bummed. Maybe this Summer you can bring your parents out to see us. Tell your Mommy that if she's good, my Daddy won't throw her in a horse tank ;o)

Eric said...

I love the cute pictures. I'm jealous.

Sorry I never got back to your phone calls. Something "came up" and I ended up jaunting off to Brazil for Carnival. Then I took another trip out to L.A.

what news?