Sunday, December 02, 2007

I have been running very hot and cold lately. Mommy and Daddy blame it on teething. My "pointy" teeth are coming in and they are the most painful so far. However, I blame it on the fact that I will soon be sharing half the spotlight with a new little rugrat coming to live with us. Here's my list of things that make me happy or unhappy. Sometime they are interchangable. We never know what will set off a temper tantrum or make me laugh histarically! Luckily, my "happy" list seems to be longer than my "unhappy" list.

Happy things: My cousins, my squeaky shoes, any toy cups, ice cream and Grandpa Roger's cookies, Baby Einstein and Praise Baby videos, Christmas music, baths.

More happy things: playing twister with my cousins, Christmas lights, playing at Nana's (her toyroom is the best), Daddy, playing Hide-n-Seek and chase with Daddy.

A few more happy things: BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, coloring (I do it for hours and now even recognize the letters "C", "A", & "M" when Mommy and Daddy write them or I see them on posters and store signs), Nana surprising me with this cool bouncing zebra, my cool bouncing zebra (thanks Nana), binkies (yes, I am 20 months and still use a binky, give me a break).

The last happy thing I can think of is Mommy.

Things that make me unhappy: teething, turning off Baby Einstein and Praise Baby videos, cold weather because I get cabin fever big time, church nursery, baths (notice baths are also on my happy list), Mommy having another baby. Just kidding i'm going to be a really great big brother. However, we're all thinking it's going to take some adjusting for everybody. Mommy and Daddy are getting really excited as the countdown proceeds. Mommy is just shy of 37 weeks in this picture. Keep in mind I was born at 37 weeks. We'll keep you all posted!!!


Dave Ja Vu said...

Gawsh, I forgot it's that close already! Is it really December?! Yikes!

I know something else to put on the happy list: a goat. Get that kid a goat!

Oh, and by the way, it's about time (again)!