Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well, this is actually my third Easter. The first one I was only about 3 days old and Mommy ended up back in the emergency room. So, it wasn't much fun. Last year was fun, but I was too little to really enjoy it. But, this year is going to be fun, fun, fun! I'm finally old enough to do some fun things. Check it out!

Here i'm waiting patiently coloring while Mommy gets everything ready to dye eggs. Like the red cowboy hat Mommy's friend Miss Penny gave me. I adore it!

Who says you can't color on eggs?

Here's all the necessary gear.

This is great fun! Can we do it again tomorrow. What do you mean Mommy's exhausted already?

I learned the hard way that these don't bounce like balls. I guess we'll be eating two for breakfast tomorrow since they're now cracked. I don't think the Easter Bunny will mind hiding 10 enstead of 12!

Now we get to decorate pink bunnies. I kept saying, "Hop, Hop, Hop"

Mommy caught me sneaking an uncooked bunny when she got Bryce up from his nap. I also enjoyed the candy decorations quite a bit too!

Here's the finished product. Not so bad for not even two yet!

Mommy says it's Spring Time, but I don't believe her. Who ever heard of an Easter egg hunt in the snow?

Actually, we thought the colored eggs were quite pretty in the white snow. Hopefully next weekend, when it's REALLY Easter we'll have some nice weather. We also get to celebrate Shaylee's 5th birthday. Check out the blog in a couple of days to see pictures of the big even.


Dave Ja Vu said...

Okay, guys, the photo of Cam huntin eggs in the snow is SADlarious! You have a lot of snow there still! WOW!

You Wades have an eggcellent Easter. We're heading over to Senior High for the madness of the annual Easter Egg Hunt! Yikes. Could be mucho interesting...

Dax and Ian said...

Looks like fun. Camden is looking SOOOO grown up!! What a handsome little dude!
I owe you an email, Cara! We need to catch up!