Wednesday, May 14, 2008

THANK YOU to the Vrbas' (did I pluralize this right?) for letting us crash at your house!
Of course Jack is a MUCH better blogger than us. So, as a tribute to the Vrbas family we having stolen several pictures from their blog to share with you! We apologize for the lack of Bryce in many of these pictures. He's just not quite big enough to run (half naked) with the "Big Boys"!

This all began when Cam spilled all over his pants at dinner (go figure, he's two)! Mommy and Daddy let him ride home with his pants off. Of course he took this opportunity to run around Jack's yard half naked. Jack thought this looked fun, so Dave allowed him to take his pants off. What kind of parents do we have anyway? And, who know taking a kids pants off would automatically create chaos?

Check out this cutie! Mommy tried to take him home with us. Cam and Jack look enough alike to be twins (2 months apart). Dave and Amy weren't ready to give him up :(

A little fun before bedtime.

Mr. Goofy Pants

Another "Blues Clues" fan! The world could stop spinning and we wouldn't care.

Finally some blog time for the youngest member of the "Heart Breakers".

We liked this caption off "The Vrbi" enough to include it! Thanks Dave! Are we breaking some copywright laws?

*Don't forget to check back for video! Check out "The Vrbi" blog at


Dave Ja Vu said...

You are very welcome and, of course, ALWAYS welcome here at Casa De Vrbi.

I loved watching your videos of the chaos during the no-pants dance.

And if I understand copyright laws, I think the fact that you credited us gets you off the hook. I'll check with my attorney on that one...oh who am I kidding? What's ours is yours...except our kid!