Monday, June 09, 2008



Just had to let everybody know that it is (semi-)safe to say that our household is now "BINKY FREE"! We actually started with Bryce. As you have all heard, he is a HORRIBLE sleeper. It eventually got to the point where I was up with him at night literally every 20-30 minutes putting the binky back in his mouth because he wanted to sleep with it, but would pop it out almost directly after falling asleep. That gave me the clue that he isn't a "binky boy" at heart like his brother. So, it was a few rough days, but Bryce is actually MUCH happier now that we just got rid of the little bugger all together (the binky, not Bryce or Cam). Of course I suffered horrible "mommy guilt" the whole time because he just happened to be cutting his two bottom teeth at the same time. But, again, it needed to happen. Next came big brother Cam who has had a good two years with the beloved "plug". We had limited the binky usage to only nap and bed time. (and anytime between that we needed him to be quite: church, Bryce's nap-time, phone conversations etc.) I also performed some binky surgery in which I clipped a little off the tip of all of them so it didn't quite work as well as it's intended to. This got him used to still having it, but not necessarily liking it as much as he used too. Then, Nana (my mom) babysat all day last Friday. She commented that he took a nap without his binky. He has also performed this awesome task at daycare when Tami has simply forgot to give it to him. So, it was obvious he didn't REALLY need it to sleep. So, over the weekend we took a two night trip in which I conveniently "forgot" to bring a binky (although there was one cleverly hidden in my suitcase just in case). He got along fine with really only one screaming tantrum. But, we held strong! Once we got home we told him the binkys were all gone and showed him all the places they are usually stashed to be completely empty. So, bye bye binky! We need to just stay strong and hope it's out of our house forever, or at least until the next baby comes along . . .years and years and years and years from now (possibly even our children's children)!! So, I have two more Summer goals before school starts back up in August. 1) Move Cam to a "big boy" bed, 2) At least get him "semi" potty trained. I'm not too excited to start either because he has decided he no longer likes sleeping alone and doesn't really care if he ever has to give up his diapers. Plus, having an infant in the house makes EVERYTHING seem about 20 times harder! I appreciate any suggestions on either of these matters. You all know my email address (or post).


Dax and Ian said...

congrats!!! :)