Sunday, January 11, 2009


Mommy's camera is being less than cooperative. So, all these pictures are borrowed from either Nana or Owen's Mommy, Jen! We're not sure what's going on with this underlining right now either, but we don't feel like figuring it out. Sorry!

Pops is hilarious!

I've turned into such a big boy! Not only do I walk, but I also get in and out of chairs by myself! Not just little chairs like this, but big people chairs and couches! I'm a real go-getter!

I love the table and chair Nana has for me to eat at. Bryce likes to try to sit and color with me here.

Bryce isn't the baby anymore, he's the toddler! This is the NEW baby on the block. Kaci Rae was born December 2nd. She's adorable. When Cam first saw a picture of her he thought it was "Baby Jesus". That's how special she is!

Shaylee, big sister for the 2nd time!

Nana and baby Kaci.

Baby Kaci and Pops.

Kaitlyn is a big sister for the 3rd time! (That's right folks, FOUR girls all together!)

Jenna, big sister for the FIRST time. Congrats Jen-Jen.

Over Christmas break we got to go visit our good friends Owen and Garrett's at their Grandma's house. We had a lot of fun!

Here's all the cousins together for the first time! It's hard getting six little people to cooperate for a picture. Unfortunatly, it was the boys that were the biggest problem!!!

Shaylee's in Kindergarten and is already an excellent reader.

Now it's the little boys not wanting to cooperate.

Goofy big boys.

Lots of fun with lots of toys. (Bryce heading towards the stairs in the background. Go figure!)

Too funny to leave out, but needed a little censoring!