Sunday, March 21, 2010

**Update- I just got an email from our agency saying our dossier looks great and will be sent to China this Friday (3-26-10)!

Tomorrow a very special package will be in the hands of Fed-Ex! After 9 months of jumping through hoops which involved gathering paper-work and getting it notarized, countless phone calls, 3 doctors visits, applying for passports, 3 visits with out social worker, one trip to McCook to meet our social worker, one trip to Casper WY to visit our regional United States Citizen and Immigration Services office, social worker visits to our house, 10 hours of educational training is the area of adoption and attachment, sending paperwork via Fed-Ex to Lincoln to certify the notarization, then to the United States Secretary of State and then to the Chinese Embassy to be authenticated, and then doing much of it all over again when we decided to switch agencies . . . we are finally sending our dossier to our adoption agency!!! It is such sweet relief, yet also anxiety inducing to let something so important out of our hands. Our agency will be sending it to China this week (which is called DTC = Dossier to China). After it is translated into Mandarin the CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) will issue us a Log In Date (LID), we will then go through "review" and submit any additional information they might need. Please be praying that the dossier gets to BAAS safely and then to China in a speedy manor.

Here is the complete dossier.

These are the sheets attached to each piece of paperwork. Like I said before, each piece of paperwork was notarized by an official notary for the state of Nebraska. The sheet on the right is from the state certifying the notary is authenticate. The cover sheet is from the Secretary of State, so we have Hilary Rodham Clinton's signature several times over! The sticker on the back of the Secretary of State's sheet is from the Chinese Consulate.

This is a closer picture of the sticker from the Chinese Consulate. I think it's pretty cool!

These pictures (which are also required) are the only chance for the CCAA to see us (until we travel of course)!

As tiring and frustrating as this process was I totally understand why we have to do it. We need to prove that we are fit to raise one of China's children. This is a huge chunk of the process, but there is still much more that needs to happen before we bring our little girl home. I'll keep you updated, please keep us in your prayers!


Joanie said...

Wow, Cara, that looks overwhelming! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I will look forward to the next update!