Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well we decided it was time to put the boys in a room together so eventually we will be prepared to make Cam's old room into a nursery (once again).  Plus, Bryce wasn't sleeping in his crib at all.  We kept putting off moving him into his own "big boy bed" until we decided if we wanted to stay in our current house or buy something a bit bigger.  (As it turns out we decided the best thing right now is to stay put, which meant letting a fairly decent offer on the house fall through.)  So, Cam and Bryce are officially roommates!  BTW, you all know I LOVE color.  This is practically the only room in the house with white walls, and only half white at that! Check out their room!
I made these curtains when inspired by this post on one of my all time favorite blogs.  The picture doesn't really do them justice because you can't see that the patterned fabric is a design constructed of baseballs.  The top is a gathered design that can be seen better in the tutorial on the post linked above.  I decided to add black out lining to the back.  WOW, that makes a difference in the room.  The room stays really nice and dark in the mornings when the sun is coming up!   I also adorned the curtain rod with really cute wood baseballs.

Displaying the quilts Grandma made before they were born.  Bryce's is on the left and Cam's on the right.  Most of the books are still in the family room downstairs, but some good bedtime ones made the trek to the bookshelf. (we have a TON cuz I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE books and am in the belief you can never have too many)

One of my biggest fears was that both of their clothes wouldn't fit well in this room.  Surprisingly it was a non-issue and worked out really well.  The closet has two rods, so that was fine for keeping them hanging clothes organized with their owners.  I was able to keep Cam's clothes in the dresser, with the exception of adding Bryce's blankets and some toys. in the little cupboard part.  Then I found storage that slides under the bed for Bryce's clothes.  I'm amazed at how convenient it all worked out!  God works in mysterious ways, yes even when organizing little boy's possessions!

Of course we had to find a place for all of Cam's stuff from his old room.  He was very insistent that we combined all their wall decorations etc.  Of course we wanted him to know it was his room too now.  He was already a little emotional about losing his room, but we tried to make the new room as special as his old room.

Of course the bunk beds are a big hit.  It works out well because even though Cam gets to sleep on the coveted top bunk, Bryce gets the bigger bed underneath because he's such a big boy now!   This ladder is so convenient because it's very "preschool friendly".  I searched long and hard to find this set of bunk beds because I didn't want the kind with a vertical ladder up the side.  This ladder is really more like a set of stairs and both boys can maneuver them easily (even half asleep in the middle of the night)! The boys each have their own special set of paintings that Aaron created just for them when they were babies.  Aaron came up with the idea of hanging them this way so they could all be displayed.  Cam's is the blue set and Bryce owns the red set.