Monday, October 25, 2010


What's going on with the adoption?  I'm really not trying to be vague about this when people ask, it's just so hard to explain the process.  But, my friend Courtney over at Courtney's Blog can explain it much better than I can.  Her family is almost right on the same track as we are for their little boy who also happens to be in foster care in Wuhan, Hubei.  Here's what Courtney says: 

1) We need to receive approval from Immigration Services to allow Joshua (in our case Amelia) to be classified as our relative and immigrate to the USA, 
2) then that approval needs to be forwarded to the American consulate in Guangzhou China, 
3) then the consulate needs to sign off on that approval, 
4) then it needs to be taken to the CCAA, 
5) and then the CCAA needs to issue our Travel Approval!
6) Then we can make our arrangements to travel" 

So, as you can see we are in quite a process here.  But, I assure you, we are working as hard and as fast as we can to get Amelia home.  Our time span is not any longer than anybody else who is also waiting at this point.  We sent a care package a few weeks ago and received notification that she did in fact receive it.  Unfortunatly we did not get any more pictures of her, but we did learn that she is growing and has started to walk.  She is also quite the little eater and eats EVERYTHING her foster parents eat.  Hubei is in a "spicy" region where most of the local food is spicy hot.  In fact, children adopted from that region are often referred to as "spicy boys" or "spicy girls" because they are known for their spicy attitude about life and their good looks :0)  Oh boy, we're in for a treat with this little girl.  I can't wait to get her home!  Here is a map of China.  The province in red is Hubei, where Amelia is living.