Saturday, January 22, 2011

Retail Therapy and a Great Hubby!
Well, we're on day 16 of our wait for Travel Approval.  The average wait is about 21 days, so I have nothing to complain about.  I'm fairly certain it will come either Monday or Friday of next week.  But I think the stress of waiting is taking it's toll on me.  Aaron must have had an intuitive feeling that I was coming close to the end of my rope.  So, he sent me off today for some "Retail Therapy" while he entertained the boys at home.  It was great.  I went to the craft/fabric store and got some stuff for a few projects I have in mind and I also was able to get the boys some items that I intend to wrap up and have Mom give to them while we're gone.  (I'll post more about this and the countdown-paperchain I have in mind later)  Well,  I'm not so sure how I got such an amazing husband.  I certainly don't deserve him.  When I got home from my "therapy" session he had the ENTIRE HOUSE CLEAN!  Poor guy , it must have exhausted him because right now he's asleep in his recliner with Bryce-E on his lap watching cartoons!!!!


Joanie said...

First of all, you Do deserve him! And, kudos to him for what he did for you today...that is truly awesome! Enjoy the rest of your day!