Thursday, February 24, 2011

There's nothing like being awake for 25 hours straight!!
Yep, I've been up for a LONG time.  Mr. I Can Sleep Anywhere Anytime (Aaron) is feeling nice and refreshed.  I really thought a 13 hour flight from LA to Seoul would teach me to sleep on an airplane.  But, I guess not. Amazingly I feel pretty good.  We have one more flight into Beijing and it's just a little over an hour long.  So, the bed should be calling me soon.  I figure, if anything, this LONG flight is getting me on the right time zone!  I have to mention that I honestly can't say enough great things about Korean Air!  The flight staff and awesome accommodations made the flight very tolerable.  Seriously, I didn't see those flight attendants sit down AT ALL the whole flight.  I kind of wanted to tell them to take a break, but I suppose that's not my job :0)  The "Entertainment Center" installed in each head-rest is pretty awesome.  We had the choice of probably 20-30 movies, a variety of TV shows ranging from drama to sitcoms to documentaries etc.  We could also play games, listen to music, and monitor our location.  They even have cameras installed so you can see below and in front of the plane.  Aaron entertained himself by playing golf and watching movies.  I seriously had a movie marathon and watched 4 movies.  All of which were new releases.  But, I must have been in a bit of a daze because I can't even remember which movies I watched.  I also did my fair share of Tetris and Hangman on the monitor. OK, now that I'm rambling I post the pictures.  My next post seriously WILL be from China!!!  Oh, BTW Mom, I think we're actually 16 hours ahead of you rather than 15.  Give the boys a big squeeze.  I already miss them like crazy.
This is as good of a picture as I could get since it was so dark in the cabin.  They turned of all the lights and basically made people try to sleep.   Too bad it didn't work on me.

You have no idea how happy I was to see that little plane finally land on Incheon (Seoul).  I'm not really looking forward to the flight back with a 21 month old LOL!!!!