Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back home on the ranch!

From a city of over 9 million people in China to a 3800 acre cattle ranch in the middle of Nebraska!  On Friday I decided this little girl needed to get some dirt under her pretty little fingernails.  So, we headed out to my mom and dad's to fill our day.  It was fun taking Emmy to the house I grew up in.  When we got there the boys jumped out of the van and I realized they are so comfortable there that they act like they own the place. It's probably just a matter of time until Emmy acts the same way. But, until then it's so fun to see her experience things for the first time.  She seems very intrigued with animals and I'm quite certain she's never been up close and personal with many animals before.  After Cam-O had is big boy alone time with Pops feeding one bunch of cows, I went with Emmy and Bryce in the pick-up to feed the bulls and another bunch.  This is one of Bryce's favorite things in the whole world.  I think he likes to pretend he's the rancher taking care of his livestock.  The whole time he weaves stories about imaginary cows and horses, tractors, and all the repairs he does on "his" land.  Emmy proved to be fearless even with the largest of beasts.  The whole experience took me back to when Cam was just Emmy's age and Bryce was a small baby.  Cam also  enjoyed scouting out the land with Pops.  If you're into nostalgia you can check out one of those experiences by clicking here

This is Vinny the Maincoon cat that weighs almost as much as Emmy.  She thought he was great, but Vinny was less than thrilled with her.

Harley and Wiley.  Wiley is just soooo good with all the grandkids, but I'm wondering if Emmy will be the "straw that broke the camels" back with him.  She really needs to learn her boundaries with animals :0)

Seeing a bull for the first time.

Never mind the towel.  Her nose was running so bad I ditched the tissue and went for a heavy-duty back-up.  It's also good for teething toddlers.

Now onto feeding the cows and calves.  Don't you love the Nebraska prairie in the background?

Fearless!  She kept trying to get the cow to eat out of her hand.  They're all gentle, but Pops kept a tight hold on her nonetheless.

Bryce-E the pro cowboy wearing athletic gear :0)

The babies are just so precious!

She wasn't really ready to leave and insisted on hanging out the window as far as I would let her to wave bye-bye to the cows and calves.

That's what I call a "forced smile."  He's still having some mommy issues and pretends he's sad most of the time.  I'm trying my hardest to dole out my quality time between the three of them, but Bryce-E is the best at making me feel guilty :0)

This little goof ball has proven to be the BEST big bro.  He adores his sister and thanks me daily for bringing her home to him.

This "Tough Guy" can be a "Silly Guy" too.


Martha said...

Awesome fun!

Joanie said...

It is so fun to share this through your blog! Enjoy each and every second!