Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to some special people.

March 30th is a day for birthdays in our little family.  My niece turns 8 today.  I remember the day she was born.  I thought it was so cool that she was born on 03-30-03!  Below are some pictures from her swim party last weekend.  I wish I had gotten more pictures, especially of the kids in the pool.  But, I was in the pool most of the time they were in, so it just didn't happen.  Oh well!  Happy b-day Shay-Pie, we love you. My grandma's boyfriend also celebrates his birthday today.  Happy birthday, Klaus!  Last, but certainly not least, my brother-in-law Kyle gets to celebrate on this day too.  Happy birthday Kyle. 
Grandma and Klaus

The Birthday Buddies!  Shaylee is so sweet.  Every year she insists on putting Klaus's name on her cake too.

The best I could do :0)  Someday I'll actually get one of them smiling and looking at the camera.  Most of the problem in my photography skills as well as a slow flash.

Hmmm, cake isn't so bad!  This is the first time we've gotten her to try anything this sweet.

It helped that big brothers were scarfing it down faster than fast!

That's my friend Steph's sweet daughter, Casey, helping Cam-O out.

These boys are sooooo ready for Big Blue Bay this summer!  I think Emmy's going to LOVE the pool as well!