Friday, March 25, 2011

The Sibs!

Here are a few random picture of the sibling!  I know that sometimes my cheery little blog makes it seem like life is perfect.  It's not perfect, but life IS good.  We all have our struggles and woes, but I choose to try to highlight the good aspects of our adventures.  However, keep in mind, Emmy is a newly adopted TODDLER!  Some of these pictures prove her age all to much!  I love her so much, tantrums and all!

Borrowing Cam-O's backpack, just to feel special!

First time eating fruit snacks!  They are a hit!

I have a feeling it will be near impossible to get a picture of all three of them  looking at the camera at the same time and smiling.  One of our local photographers will get a chance at it next week!  (prayer please :0)

Who cares if they're looking at the camera when they're having so much fun together!

This boy melts my heart!

I love that smile!  BTW, that's his precious "Yokie" in the picture with him!
Yep, that's a true-blue toddler temper tantrum!  You might think it's demented I even took a picture, but I'll be honest.  I am just enamored by this girl and even when she does this I love her to pieces.  You know it's love when tears and snot are adorable to you LOL!

The sad thing is that this is usually caused by a miscommunication.  I can't wait until we all understand each other.  But, on the other hand, a few tantrums have begun because she just isn't getting her way.  I am continually amazed at how developmentally on track she is.  A friend told me while we were in China that you know your child is really starting to feel comfortable with you when they begin to misbehave.  It's good to know Miss Amelia is so comfortable with us!


Laure said...

She is beautifull...
Bises Laure ( en attente de sa petite étoile)