Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We survived!!!

Well we all survived our first day home alone and now we're even into the 2nd day!  I so LOVE the age Emmy is in.  She has such a strong personality already, but is very "teachable"and still is very much "baby."  It's the best of both worlds.  We've been playing outside a lot and, again, I am so happy she is the age she is because she is so much fun.  I love seeing her experience new things I know she's never seen before.  Riding in the Cozy Coup while the boys ride their scooters down the street is the highlight of her day.  I hesitated going through the car-wash because I doubted she had ever seen one and I wondered if it would scare her.  Quite the opposite.  She was delighted to see the bubbles and the water and hear the noises she had never heard before.   It's like each day she's learning and seeing new things, eating new food, smelling new smells!  The boys have taken to her so well.  Cam really likes being the "biggest" brother and I've already seen a change in him.  He's helpful and playful with her and seems to be wanting to give up some of the "baby" things he was holding on to for dear life (like tantrums and insisting on getting his way.)  Bryce loves his sister and really wants to be a good big brother, but she hasn't opened up to him quite as much.  He's much more reserved and their personalities aren't alike at all.  Bryce is also needing lots and lots of "mommy time".  I'm finding it hard to divide myself at times, but I know it will all work out.  However, now that Cam is back in preschool in the afternoons we're getting some good time in for Bryce and Emmy to bond.    Sleeping is getting a little better with some modifications to our sleeping arrangements, but it's still not great and I can't seem to get regulated into this time zone.  I'm tired all day and awake for several hours in the evening even if she's asleep.  I know we've only been home a few days and everything takes time.  Overall, I am OVERJOYED with how wonderful things are going!

Three person band!
Ge Ge (Big Brother) and his leprechaun hat he made at school.
Even when he's sad he's always so kind and loving.  Bryce is going to be quite the big brother.
Emmy's decided raisins are her favorite for her snack cup now.