Sunday, March 13, 2011

While we were gone.

While we were in China the boys stayed with my mom and dad.  We have never been away from them for more than a night or two at the most.  Two weeks seemed like a long time to us, I can't imagine what it would feel like to them.  So, I made a paper chain to countdown the days until we got home.  Each day they got a message from us and every 2-3 days they got a package to open.  Every day they looked forward to taking a link off and they really understood the concept.  Here are some pictures of the whole process as well as from when we got to Skype a few times.  Thanks mom!

The chain!

Cutting off the first link with Pops.  Bryce got to cut off the red ones and Cam did the blue links.
First package: new plates and cups to drink out of.  Emmy also got a new cup and plate.
Big brother T-Shirts they got on the day we got Amelia.  She got a "Little Sister" shirt and they all wore them on the same days from across the world.
The first time they saw Emmy (besides pictures of course).

Here are the Snuggly Owls from this post.
Silly Kid!

Batman treat tubs!

Next package was a movie to fill their Saturday morning.
The trucks they had been coveting for months!  I'm sure Nana and Pops loved toys that had 23 pieces :0)  But, they got returned home in zip lock bags with all the pieces and the instructions.  Thanks Nana for being so organized!
Some (chocolate) Hugs and Kisses from us.
Exhausted after a long day.  Wiley's the best thing to cuddle with in bed!