Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Cam-O!!!

It's hard to believe my oldest baby turned FIVE last Wednesday.  But, he made sure anybody and everybody that crossed his path knew exactly what day it was and how old he is.  He's been looking forward to this birthday for so long because he is just soooooo excited to go to Kindergarten and he knows he has to be at least five to go.  As it turns out, the day after his birthday was Kindergarten Round-Up, so he's officially registered!  His birthday was celebrated multiple times the last couple of days.  He brought treats to preschool and later to Awana that night.  We also had a mini celebration with just the 5 of us before Awana.  Yesterday was his birthday party.  We kept a bit low-key with just family and pizza at home since he had the big Dino Bash last year :0)

Big 5 year old!

Always excited for a new Leapster Explorer game.

Not as excited for clothes, but Mom sure is!!

Yeah for a new scooter!  Now he doesn't have to keep borrowing his cousin's pink Barbie scooter!!

Very excited over this one!!!

Emmy's getting more and more brave on the play set!

Cousin Shaylee

I love this picture of Jenna!

Cousin's in the fort!

Kaci Rae

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Camden, Happy Birthday to you!!!"

Let's see if his wish comes true!

Chaos before the cake!!!


Robin said...

Your blog is fantastic and I love looking at your happy chaotic family! A favor, could I possibly have your packing list? We are leaving fr china in 4 weeks and I loved your post about things not go forget. I linked through RQ. Thanks.

Robin said...

My blog. Thanks, Robin