Saturday, April 02, 2011

Aaron decided to take the boys with him to his office for a few hours Friday afternoon.  That left Emmy and me to make supper without the big boys to entertain :0)  We decided on meatloaf and green bean casserole.  These ingredients made for some interesting snacking choices! (please ignore the crazy hair)

What you see are diced onions that Emmy kept begging to taste.
So, I decided to let her have a taste.  She couldn't get enough RAW ONION and she LOVED it.  This is the same girl we can't even force feed ice-cream!

When I finally cut her off of the raw onion she decided her new favorite could keep her entertained for the rest of the meal preparation.
I seriously can't get enough of this girl!


Martha said...

hey! Funny you should have an onion story today! Tonight we went out to eat and Jolie helped herself to the grilled onions on my burger. Who'd a thought?

carolyn said...

She is the CUTEST EVER!!!

Martha said...

HEY! just saw your comment on my blog. I would email you, but emails are not set up on this laptop and one of the kiddos has the other computer tied up. I am so clueless on what paperwork is due next...I need to go read up on how to apply for a SS card. Seems like there's always some kind of paperwork to do! LOL
Sorry y'all are having some sleep problems too. Jolie was doing so good about going to sleep, but now she fights it. It's like she's afraid she might miss something. When she finally goes to sleep she usually sleeps till morning and that's a blessing. I will email you soon and tell you some of the "helpful" advice I have heard from a lady....LOL I am sure she meant well, but really?LOL