Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Awana Graduation

Camden has officially graduated from being a "Cubby" and will soon be a "Sparky."  Where does the time go?  Bryce was not "officially" in Awana this year, but the amazing leaders had offered to let him come as a (permanent) visitor the last few months since he was three years old.  Because of this they presented him with a special visitor award.  He's looking forward to being a real member when Awana starts back up next fall.  I am never able to get really good pictures when the kids are on a stage with my little point-n-shoot.  I think it's because my flash doesn't carry that far.  But, I DID get some cute ones of Emmy because she was sitting right next to me!

Cam and Bryce up on stage.  It's really cute that Cam is as excited as Bryce is about having him up there with him.

Showing off Bryce's special visitor award.  Next year he'll get the vest!!

Emmy was quite the handful that night.  The kids and excitement really wound her up.

This was a good way to keep her still and quiet.

We don't mind sharing germs and such in our family :0)

Duh, bad Bloggy Mommy didn't even get a picture of Cam in his vest.  I think Aaron has some more pictures on his camera.  I'll have to try to beg him for some.


Tina said...

Glad you are back! I love reading your posts and seeing the kiddos! They are all adorable!!

Joanie said...

They must love Awanas!