Saturday, July 30, 2011

A couple of "Firsts"!

My kids are growing up before my eyes!  This week we had a few "firsts"!  First of all Emmy has finally started calling me "Mama"!  She's been with us 5 months and people wouldn't even believe that she never called me by my name in the past.  She basically just didn't call me anything, but if she did point to my picture etc. she would say "Dada" almost in a joking manner.  Every once in a while she would say "mama" if she was scared in the middle of the night.  I'm not sure she was even addressing me when she did this.  After all, her foster mother was "mama" way long than I have been.  This did not hurt my feelings.  I've done enough reading on attachment to know this is fairly normal.  But, just this week she's started yelling "mama" when I walk in the door!  YIPPEEEEEE!!!!  Emmy also got her first American haircut!  When we got her 5 months ago it was obvious she had a fresh haircut.  It was a cute little bob that fit her well.  But, I want to grow her hair out just to see what it looks like.  It was getting a bit scraggly so I let her get a trim when the boys got their hair cut this last week.

Another first for Cam-O!  His first sleep over at a friend's house.  The boy's buddies live just three doors down and invited Cam to sleep over last night.  He did great!  The whole family went over for pizza and a movie, but when it was time to go Cam-O got to stay.  Bryce-E wasn't too happy about not getting to stay over, but I just think he's a bit too young for such a big boy activity.  Suprisingly he quickly obliged to leave Cam-O when I told him he could have a sleep over with Emmy in her room.  I had to sneak into her room a few times just to make sure all was going OK.  Here are some photos of the "firsts" this week!

She climbed up in that chair like she couldn't wait to get it done!!!
Her new trim looks pretty cute too.
All packed and ready to go to his first sleep over!

It's tough being the little brother sometimes.

Here he's pleading for me to believe that he's actually 5 instead of 3 because I told him 5 is old enough to sleep at a friend's house.  LOL

He even has his own mode of transportation to the fun!
Woody, Buzz, and the Transformers.

A sleep over with a little sister is fun too.

I love this one!