Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Owen!!!
My pal, Owen, turned one on Saturday! We had a great time at his birthday party.

Check out this big boy stud muffin!

Owen took me for a spin on his sweet ride!

This was my reaction when Daddy told me he would buy me one too!

I have a feeling my birthday cake next weekend isn't going to look as good as this cake. Isn't Owen's Mommy talented!

I helped Owen open his presents. Of course the first
thing I wanted to do was read the new books!

When Jack finally woke up we thought it would be a perfect photo-op for us all to climb in Owen's new John Deere wagon. I can't wait for it to get nice outside so we can all go for a ride!

BTW, I got my second hair-cut on Friday. I was a perfect angel (of course). I even sat in the chair like a big boy all by myself. Mommy was very proud of me, except for when I created a crusty-slimy mess (yes it's possible to be both) out of myself, the stroller, and the floor when I decided to create a mixture of saliva and animal cracker to spit ALL OVER THE PLACE while Mommy got her hair cut.


Dave Ja Vu said...

Look at those birthday boyz. Sorry I was such a grump on Saturday. My mommy shouldn't have woke me up. I need my beauty rest or my attitude gets ugly.

Happy birthday, Owen and Cam. You're my bestest buddies ever!