Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter to You, and You, and You!

This Easter Bunny guy is pretty cool. Look at my loot. I see there's no candy in this basket. I suppose i'll get some next year. Until then i'm happy with all this!

My favorite show on a DVD! I love Mickey's Playhouse!

Much to Daddy's dismay, the first thing I wanted to do was read my new book.
It's a good one (Caterpillar Spring, Butterfly Summer)

I finally noticed my new hammer that makes noise and lights up when I use it.
I think Daddy was more excited about it than I was!

Cool, this new sippy cup will be perfect for the softball fields
this summer! It's insulated and can be froze to keep my drink cold in the hot sun!

This "singing" sheep puppet is helping me get over my fear of stuffed animals that make noise. I even kissed it (eventually). Maybe by next Easter i'll actually want to play with it.


Dave Ja Vu said...

This Easter thing is going to be a good thing I think. I got a basket full of great toys too, Cam! Alas, there was not a bite of candy to be found in the basket, but I'll work my way into that. I even had mashed potatoes yesterday and a roll! I love Easter. We'll have to get together soon and share toys and argue and cry a little bit, bro.

See ya, CamMo!

The Jack