Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Well, Mommy and Daddy love me so much that they thought they should provide me with a playmate! That's right, my baby brother or sister will be arriving in December. They got to see a picture of him/her via a 4D ultrasound today. The pictures are amazing, unfortunatly, these posted pictures don't do them justice! The official due date is December 25th (Merry Christmas), however he will be delivered via c-section no later than December 18th. ***BTW, Mommy refers to the baby his "him" in this post, but she has NO IDEA OR MATERNAL INSTINCTS WHAT-SO-EVER as to whether this baby is a boy or a girl. So, please, don't even ask until we find out at the next ultrasound towards the end of July or beginning of August!

This is a front view of the baby. The camera flash distorts the picture, but you can see his head on top with his little hands covering his eyes (too bright!). His legs are curled up in front of him at the bottom of the picture.

Here's a side view with him in the same position. He was sleeping during the ultrasound, but had a strong heart beat of 168 beats per minute. Dr. Wassinger was very pleased with how well developed and healthy my baby brother/sister looked and commented on the hand and foot development!


Dave Ja Vu said...

Yay! We're so excited for you! We've been wondering when you'd make a formal announcement; in fact, we were just talking about it this morning!

Baby Greenwood said...

How exciting!!! We won't get an u/s until 20 weeks, so it's awesome to see what our baby probably looks like right now...WOW!! Congrats again (and I guess we should make an official announcement soon as well).

Richard said...


Congratulations! Rebecca sent me over to see your site. I have seen several postings from your family for Dax. (I'm his Gramps) Anyway, what fun news. You must be very happy. I know the Greenwoods are too.