Tuesday, July 22, 2008

diapers, carnivals, and parades!

It seems like lately all we post are very random pictures. Life's been very busy lately! So, sorry for the lack of posting lately. But, enjoy some pictures of our newest adventures.

Diaper boy#1

Diaper boy #2 (BTW: yesterday at a doctor's appointment we found out I'm already 19 pounds! I'm also crawling and scooting!)

Summer goal #2 accomplished. I'm in my big boy bed (even if Daddy does end up sleeping with me from about 4:00 am on!) Summer goal #3 (potty training) isn't going so well. Oh well, we're happy the binky's gone and my big boy bed is in place!

Riding the Merry-G0-Round during Heritage Days. Heritage days was TONS of fun for everybody. Mommy even got to catch up with some old friends at her 10 year class reunion.

I loved watching big brother ride the rides, but Mommy felt bad for me that all I could do was sit and watch.

Life got better when I found my buddy Espen. Mommy missed a great "photo op" of Espen and me last week. We made friends rolling on the floor together. I think I've found somebody I like to watch and play with as much as Cam.

BTW: our parents go way back. Mommy went to high school with Espen's mommy and Daddy went with Espen's daddy! Someday we'll probably be classmates!

I even got to go down the slide with Kaitlyn and Shaylee. I loved hanging out with Jenna this weekend too. We chase each other around and hug when we catch each other!

The slide was so fast that Mommy missed us.

After a long night at the carnival Daddy got a little confused. He tried to put Bryce in Cam's car seat. Bryce loved it. It wont be too long before we get a matching front facing carseat! We're blaming the confusion on crowds, kids and cotton candy!

Pops let me chose 3 ducks at this game. It was great because I got to take an inflatable "Boots" (from Dora the Explorer) home with me. It's fun to give him a bath at night with me.

This is me, Nana, Kaitlyn, and Shaylee watching the parade. Bryce was sleeping and Jenna was too busy to be in the picture.


Leela's Mom said...

Hi Guys! You look like you have so much fun! We are jealous that you get to be so close to family, that must be fun. Leela loves seeing pics of your family, she loved the zoo pictures. We can't wait to be in the house, of course we will add pictures to the blog but in person would be the best!!! We've made the 10 hour trek to Colorado twice now, it's not so bad!