Sunday, August 03, 2008


Mommy and Daddy have been keeping us very busy lately! We need to enjoy the nice weather while it lasts and before Mommy goes back to work in a few weeks.

I'm just too busy to take time to rest! This is what happens when I refuse to take a nap! I end up falling asleep in wierd places.

Grandpa (sometimes I call him Papa, I haven't decided yet) brought this hat for us. I'm quit enamored by it!

Just random cuteness. I've started feeding myself small pieces of food. I really think I'm a big boy now!

One day last week Mommy confused us by putting us in our swimsuits, but not taking us to the pool. Instead we ran through the sprinklers and wrote with sidewalk chalk.

Sprinklers and sidewalk chalk are fun, but the next day I made sure Mommy took us to the pool when she started putting my suit on me.

Ha-ha, I fooled my parents! Thinking they could deter me from pulling myself up in the middle of the night they moved my crib mattress to the lowest level. It doesn't stop me at all, but at least there's no risk of me tumbling out!

Mommy just thought this picture was cute. Cam's playing with me in my crib while Mommy puts clothes away.

Saturday night Mommy and Daddy surprised me with a movie that was OUTDOORS! I got to watch Wall-E in my pajamas at the Alliance Drive-In.

Cam loved the movie and I loved snuggling with Mommy and Daddy. But, I was good and fell asleep right when Wall-E started and slept all the way through Indiana Jones.

BTW, I'm officially a "Binky Boy" again. I'm much more responsible with it now and it helps me with crankiness due to teething.

This is how I watched Wall-E, then I promptly fell asleep and let Mommy and Daddy watch Indiana Jones in peace and quite.

On Sunday after church we had a picnic at the park with Nana and Pops. Here's proof that I'm starting to feed myself.

Pops said I went over this bridge about 20 times.

I made time to stop playing and eat one of Nana's strawberry cupcakes.

We even saw our buddy, Grady, and his big sister, Ali, at the park. We shared our cupcakes and made a swimming play date for tomorrow. Grady devoured his cupcake in about 20 seconds!

Sometimes this is how Mommy entertains me while she makes supper. Daddy is so proud because I'm already a basketball lover. This is me watching my "cousin" Dwayne (Wade) play the Russians.


Dax and Ian said...

your boys are growing up so fast!!