Monday, April 13, 2009

3rd Birthday

After Easter church service on Sunday, we all headed out to Nana and Pop's for Easter dinner and Cam-o's 3rd birthday!!!

It's hard to believe it's already been 3 years! Cam is now old enough to request what he wanted for his birthday. This Nemo cake did the trick and "Uncle" surprised him with the Finding Nemo DVD too! We watched it as soon as the Master's were over :)

Bryce watching from afar. But, he thinks he's a big boy now.

Bryce checking out the loot. We love how they are close enough in age that they're interested in the same things. Bryce was just as excited as Cam!

Everybody who's anybody knows all about the "DOG" book, but did you know they now have a "CAT" book?!?!

Bryce-E trying out Cam-O's new big boy cups.

The wooden pizza is a big hit. Doug and Melissa make good toys

Nana and Pops always spoil me. HUGS!

These are all our Great-Grandma's (and Cam's wooden pizza)!

This was Daddy pretending he's good enough buds with Tiger and Phil to actually be at the Master's. Maybe someday, Daddy!

The happy family!

Before I blew out the candle I sang along with everybody else wishing myself a Happy Birthday.

This is Bryce wondering where mommy was taking the cake. He was ready to dive into it. Why did it need cut?

Bryce sitting at Cam's new art studio.

Big 3 year old boys still have horrible bed-head!


Leela's Mom said...

Aren't your boys so cute? Leela loved the cake and she wants one just like it for her birthday - in 9 months. We wish you guys lived closer!

Jen said...

Happy birthday Cam! Being 3 is super duper cool huh? Got the same pizza party toy, which is a favorite. Hope you had a good day!
Your buddy, O-man