Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well, it's maybe not fair to say "recent" happenings because some things occurred a month or so ago . . . but we're pretending we're good bloggers. Which, we agree we are NOT very good bloggers lately. We're still at the mercy of Nana's camera. But, we promise we'll replace our camera (someday)!

Being silly with lunch!

Nana and Bryce at the ranch.

Good buddies! (Jenna and Cam can't get enough of each other) We love our cousins.

Recently Nana and Pops had several of their older trees removed around their house. Some were beginning to die and just weren't good to climb! So, we got to help plant new trees. We were big help watering with our special watering cans. We're pretty sure Pops couldn't have gotten by without us!

Checking out the worms. Mommy says I'm the only 3 year old boy she knows that is scared of worms! I guess I take after my Daddy. Mommy's always going to be in charge of getting rid of the creepy-crawlies at our house.

This is my special shovel that is practically attached to my hand whenever we're outside.

Mommy even got to use the post-hole diggers. Pops wasn't impressed with her ability. We heard him mumble something about not being very well practiced with using them. I guess Mommy dodged the "fence-repair" chore while growing up!

Brothers and Best-Buddies Forever!

Last week we went to Ogalalla to meet up with our buddies Owen, Garrett, Jack and their parents. Thank you to Owen and Garrett's grandma and grandpa for showing us a good time.

We made our own pizza's for lunch time.

Then we went for a ride is the "Mule". Don't worry, Bryce and Garrett rode with the mommies up front. But, Cam, Owen, and Jack all proved they really are "big boys" now by riding in the back.

Here we are eating cookies. Big boys in back: Jack, Owen, Cam. Little boys in front: Garrett and Bryce.

It's so nice having good friends: Amy, Cara, and Jen.
Amy's husband and our good friend, Dave, claims it looks like the three of us just bought our first house together! Now, wouldn't THAT be fun!