Sunday, March 07, 2010

Yes, we're still alive!!!

Hi Everybody,
Yes, we're still alive, we've just been very, very busy! I know you all know what that's like! So, what's been going on in our lives? Cam is in his first year at preschool and is LOVING IT! In fact, he has advanced a class since the beginning of the year. He started out going two days a week, but before Christmas Miss Jill, his PK teacher, asked if we would considering adding a day to his schedule so he could be with some older kids. That went pretty well, so eventually she asked if we would switch him over to the older class all together. He's truly in his element! He's also a Cubbie at Awana and loving learning his versus. Between Awana and his Christian preschool he is truly learning to love The Lord, Jesus Christ. We couldn't be happier! Bryce is a our little ball of "two year oldness"! He does anything Cam does, but he's even more of a "boy" so to speak. He loves his trucks, sports, getting dirty, and anything that will keep him on the move. He's our little talker now too. It's amazing the vocabulary that kid has. To think some people didn't think he ever talked. He's like his Dad. He appears quiet, shy, and reserved . . . until you get to know him!! Aaron's still really enjoying his job at The Ledger. He does a great job writing his editorials every week and has recently added a cartoon strip. It's amazing the transformation that paper has taken under his direction! I'm still a school based speech language pathologist and loving that too. I have taken up a few hobbies. I've always loved doing crafts, but I've pulled my "4-H sewing skills" off the dusty shelf! Please check out my other blog: We are still pursuing our adoption. We've been at it about 9 months now and with just a few hiccups (that I wont mention) we are days away from sending off our "Dossier". That is all the paperwork we have been compiling to show we are fit parents and can provide for our child in anyway needed. We are requesting to be held off for a referral for a few months until we get all of our ducks in a row so to speak. We would like to sell our current house (let me know if you have any interest), and find something a little bigger before we bring our little girl home. So, hopefully traveling to China will be in our 2011 future!! Anyway, just checking in! I really hope to stay on top of our blog a little better from now on. So, check back soon!

I know it doesn't make up for the last several month (OK, like 8 months), but here are just a few pictures!