Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Daddy took a few hours off work this afternoon to come to my tumbling class. I sure showed off for him. My teacher is very impressed with my abilities. She suggested I move to the next age group in the session that begins on July 20th! Mommy thinks it will be good for me to learn with the 5 year olds! Time will tell!

Daddy thinks I'm a kiss-up because I always like to sit right next to the teacher. Mommy just think I'm an observant student.


Bryce needed to make sure he got his camera time in too! What a cheeseball!

Bryce can't wait until it's his turn to take a tumbling class. He was trying to get in line too. BTW, the sticker on Bryce's shirt is for being a good boy at the ENT doctor today. Tubes are still in and working perfectly!

I had front-tuck roll and pike roll mastered a few weeks ago. But, I picked up the straddle-roll the very first time my teacher showed me today. We practiced at home later and I did them all perfectly by myself.

We worked on back flips for the first time today. After a few tries with the bolster my teacher let me try on my own (with her spotting of course).

I did pretty well! Are the Olympics in my future? Probably not. I can't imagine Daddy is going to let it go that far. But, maybe this is all a pre-cursor to some strong athletic abilities!


Leela's Mom said...

Cute cute cute! Leela just finished tumbling too but I don't think she has the natural athletic ability that Cam has! :)

Dax and Ian said...

Wow Cam! That's some impressive stuff!! And Bryce, looks like you and Ian have the cheesin' in common! ;)