Thursday, May 06, 2010

My little cubbies!

Last Wednesday was the AWANA awards night. Being a cubby was one of the highlights of Cam's year. Every Wednesday night he would chow down supper as fast as he could because he thought he would get there sooner. He also loved doing the lessons with me. Between AWANA and his Christian preschool I feel Cam's getting a very good knowledge of God's word and Jesus as our Savior. Also, his prayers are absolutely the best! Bryce also is getting an early love for AWANA. He would sit with us and do our lesson and often Cam would let Bryce help him with his "work" such as coloring or drawing a picture. Of course he's too young to officially join, but one of his highlights was dropping off and picking Cam up. He even spent a little bit of time in the classroom with the "big" kids where he followed along beautifully. Anyway, this awards night was even more special because the leaders were kind enough to also recognize Bryce with a certificate. He was beeming and felt like such a big boy! He even went up on stage by himself to get his award. Of course I didn't get any pictures of that because I was not expecting it at all. But, I was so grateful that they made Bryce feel special too.

Here's Cam on stage getting his certificate.

Bryce-E with his certificate!

So proud of himself!

Look at all the badges he earned. He'll get the rest of them next year and then his vest will be complete!

Getting these two to look at the camera and smile at the same time is nearly impossible, so this will have to do!

Look at my little cutie! I love you Bryce Emmanuel!

So, I wasn't able to get much video of them up on the stage saying their versus and singing. You may have a hard time finding Cam. I'll give you a hint! He's the first little stinker off the stage that neglects to use the stairs and opts to jump down! I can't believe my sweet little boy would do such a thing! (insert sarcasm)


Leela's Mom said...

Leela just had her last Cubbies night. She loved it as well and it is a great program. I hope that the biblical foundation helps them prepare for public school!