Sunday, May 02, 2010

A must read blog (at least for a few weeks)!

I have been following this blog on and off for a few months now. It's an amazing story of a couple who adopted their 2nd daughter from China when she was an older child. While still in China they found out when she was abandoned there were two other children with her. When they inquired who these other children were they found out they were her older brothers. They immediately tried to adopt these boys while they were still in China. Of course, they couldn't bear the thought of splitting this sibling group up. But it was impossible for many reasons for them to be able to bring the boys home with them at that point. So, as soon as they got home they began the almost impossible feat of getting approved to adopt the boys. First they had to find an agency that was willing to try to pursued the Chinese government to make them eligible for adoption. Another hurdle was that one of the boys was approaching the age of 14. In China children are no longer eligible for adoption when they they turn 14. So, they had a race against time to gather their paperwork for the dossier which takes months. By God's grace it actually all worked out for them. The Chinese adoption community rejoiced!!! This family is actually in China NOW formally adopting their sons!!! So, if you want to witness a miracle bookmark this blog!!!