Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We are soooo close!!!
 We're getting closer folks!  I wont go into too much detail because it's confusing and I probably wouldn't do you all any justice by trying to explain the process right.  But, basically we only have two more steps in this crazy process until we can book our flights to China!  We're right on track to get our Travel Approval (TA) mid to late January.  Once we get that our adoption agency will work with the Chinese Consulate to schedule a Consulate Appointment (CA) while we're in China.  This is basically the last step of the process and Amelia will have been in our arms for at least a week by the time we go to that appointment.  We're going to ask for a CA of either March 7th or 8th.  (We would love to go sooner, but Chinese New Year falls the first few weeks of February this year.  Adoptions can't be completed during this time.)  So, as long as the consulate can give us those dates we're fairly certain we will be flying out on February 23rd where will lose about two days in an airplane due to the time change and LONG flight.  We should be scaling the Great Wall and touring in Beijing on February 26th and flying into Wuhan on February 27th.  February 28th will our "Forever Family" day where Amelia will finally be placed in our arms!  We need to spend a total of 5 working days in Wuhan and then according to the Chinese government the adoption will be official. Then we'll fly to Guangzhou on March 4th to finalize the US side of the adoption.  We will have to spend another 5 days there for that part of the process, then we'll be headed back home on either March 9th or 10th to enjoy our baby girl and be a family of five! According to Aaron our family will be complete ;0)

I'm fairly certain she will fit in just fine with the two little hooligans shown below!  


Courtney said...

Yippee YIPPEE!!! We are sooo close!! Can't wait to meet sweet Amelia in person. :)

Oh, and we were DONE after David was adopted from Korea. Well....that was ten years ago and we have two more from China! So never say never.