Sunday, March 06, 2011

Liuhua Park and Other Fun Things!

Today we went to this beautiful little park with our travel group called Liuhua park.  It was so shaddy and green and they are known for their bonsai trees.  There's also red lanterns hanging everywhere, coi ponds, little tea shops, and some people practicing their Thai Chi.  Later we came back to our room and Emmy took her first decent nap in several days.  It's been hard keeping any sort of schedule with our eventful days.  Last night was another very hard night. She saves all her grieving for the wee hours of the morning and is still not letting us console her.  I'm hoping a good nap today will help her sleep more restfully tonight.    During the day she's as spicy and active as ever.  She's keeping us on our toes that's for sure.   After her nap we headed to the White Swan hotel to look around and take advantage of their play room.   Tonight we're going to try a Thai restaurant on the island everybody keeps raving about.  Tomorrow morning is our consulate appointment at the American Embassy. 

I can't help but show off the statue in our hotel :0)

The park.

This tree was planted by Queen Elizabeth during a visit to Guangzhou.

She LOVES the coi ponds we've seen.

The elderly seem very active here and I was very impressed with the grace and beauty of their thai chi.

We were lucky to find  "nice toilet" half way into the park.

This bonsai was amazing.  I hear they're really hard to raise.  I can't even keep a house plant alive, so I know I have no chance at one of these.

Later on we were even luckier to find an "excellent toilet" :0)

The waterfall in the White Swan hotel.

Daddy and his girl.  She is starting to like me a bit more I think.

More coi.

We met some new friends in the play room, but she kind of thinks she rules the roost.  I'm thinking she's going to hold her own with her brothers just fine!


clay said...

I'm tired just watching you guys! Keep up the good work and can't wait to see, but not hold, the Spicy one! Geez...what a nickname...! ;o)

Tina said...

Loving the pictures and updates! What an amazing trip!!