Monday, March 07, 2011

The Streets of Guangzhou, Lucy's, and Fun with (toilet) Paper!

Well, this is the first night we haven't had a melt down since we received her a week ago.  In fact, Lil' Miss is messing around and refusing to even try to sleep, so she's blogging with me right now.  Today we had our consulate appointment and swearing in at the US embassy.  We will receive Emmy's visa tomorrow.  After the official business we at. We lunch, had a nap and then headed to the pedestrian street market with our guide.  I purchased a beautiful strand of pink pearls for a very good price.  It was from a nice shop and our guide assured us they were good quality and the "real deal."  I'm thinking we'll hold on to them until Emmy's 18th birthday.  When we got back to the hotel we walked around the island a bit more and ate supper at Lucy's.  Surprisingly the Chinese food at the "American" restaurant is far better than the American food.   Once we got back to the hotel Emmy had her bath and we started our regular night time routine.  Well, things got a bit crazy when we turned our back for a few minutes and we ended up with toilet paper trailing through the room.  I probably let it go on a bit too long which is why she's still up wanting to play right now!  Tomorrow we head to the Safari Park and I can't wait.  We've heard raving reviews about it.  So, hopefully I have lots of pictures to blog about tomorrow!

It's very common in all of China to see various articles of clothing hanging to dry out people's windows.  It seems EVERY apartment has their fair share in every city we've been too.  These people aren't very modest about their under garments either.

This man appeared to be hauling bamboo shoots.  He was right in the middle of all the crazy traffic and at one point was even off his bike pushing it down the middle of the busy street.  I began to fear for his life.  I finally figured out how the traffic works in China.  The drivers, whether they be in automobile, scooter, or bicycle always pays attention only to what is in front of them and never what is behind them.  Then they just figure the people behind them will worry about what's in front of them .  It makes me a bit sick to my stomach every  time we're out.  It feels a bit like a long and dangerous carnival ride.  Our guide, Elvin (he's awesome), made a comment that the traffic is always battling but it still manages to live harmoniously.  It's so true.  Somehow it works even if it does scare the daylights out of foreigners!  I haven't seen any deaths by automobile yet.  In fact I haven't even seen a car crash.  But, I've heard lots of horns honking.
Here he is again.
Here's the pedestrian street.
I wish I had a better picture of this.  But, this guy was dressed in a big chicken costume and giving away olive flavored candy.  We weren't brave enough to try it, but people crowded him wanting a piece.
Back at the island strolling around.
One of her favorite things to do is feed us.  She loves french fries, but not the ketchup.  So, when we see her dip into the ketchup we know that fry isn't meant for herself and that one of us will reap the benefit.
One of the shop owners around here likes to write the children's American names in caligraphy.  The sounds in Amelia's name are: tender, grace, sunrise, and elegant.  This same owner commented on how happy and active our Lil' Miss is all the time.  He said we do China proud with this.

Lil' Miss with her new "toy."

Excuse the picture of the toilet in the background.  The only way she would allow me to take her picture with her pretty "bow" was to stand in front of the mirror and hold the camera in front of her.  My "aim" was a little off.


Delinda said...

Love the photos and blog. She is absolutely adorable!

Craig said...

She is such a doll!!!! And you are doing so awesome chronicling your amazing experience...loving it! :-)

Craig said...

Sorry...didn't realize I was signed in as Craig! It's Rebecca :-)