Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Guangzhou Safari Park

Today we went to the Guangzhou Safari Park and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!   Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha is amazing, but Guangzhou Safari Park is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  We enjoyed our time so much.  There are two routes, one on wheels (train) and one of foot.  We did both.  The animals are all in their natural habitat and there are many, many of each species.  TWELVE pandas which is the most in captivity in the world.  We also saw lots and lots of babies of various species and caught a monkey show which showcased the story of the Monkey King.  Of course it was narrated in Chinese, so we only know what was going on from the "actors."  But it was still very entertaining.  These animals were very well trained and you could tell it was done in a kind manner.  Emmy was a doll and rode around in the carrier the whole time just taking it all in. We were lucky enough to be there at feeding time for many of the animals.  What an amazing experience.  My only regret is feeling awfully guilty that we were doing it without the boys.  Someday when we all come back this will be a "must do"!  Emmy is becoming a bit of a stinker at bed time and nap time.  Which I'm sure is as much to do with her age as anything.   But, we're a bit frustrated nonetheless.  She's testing our patience and you can tell she's very smart and a bit manipulative.  You can't stay angry when she has people cracking up all over the island with her squeaking (from her squeaky shoes) and her screeching (from her loud voice.)  We should be getting her visa in about an hour and we'll be free to leave China.  Unfortunately our flight doesn't leave until Thursday.  Tomorrow we'll be visiting the Six Banyan Temple which I hear is fascinating.

Blogger's acting a bit funny and these pictures are out of order, sorry but I don't feel like taking the time to rearrange them :0)

Emmy reading the map for us.

This was a little rabbit village.  So cute . . . Emmy was mesmerized.  I think she's an animal lover!
This was the little pal she didn't want to leave.
She also loved the flamingos and kept wanting to come back to them.
White AND black swans.
The train station.
There were several groups of children all wearing this uniform.  We were quite the skeptical to them.  Our guide told us one little boy kept pointing us out to his friends and saying, "Look at the white lady holding the Chinese baby."  They were all so sweet.  It makes me miss the kids at school.
That little red dot towards the top of the picture is a hunk of red meat.  We saw feeding time for the tigers on the train ride.
Feeding time for the lions too.
We were right up next to the animals during the train ride.  It was crazy.  The driver even had to stop a few times for animal crossings.
There were lots of cubs in the tiger nursery.  They were so cute and we saw all sorts of different ages.
Here you can get your picture taken with a cub.
Feeding time for the monkeys too.
The Monkey King performance.
Just in case your hungry :0)


WTFWJD said...

I am Emily Nelson's mom...I have been following your adventures in adoption, and it has made me smile! Little Amelia will melt the hearts of everyone she meets in she has melted the hearts of her family. Congratulations on your perseverance to follow your heart.