Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Our last full day in China.

Today we're heading to Six Banyan Temple and then we'll try to get our luggage organized this afternoon.  We received our "brown envelope" last night.  This contains all of Amelia's immigration papers.  We were instructed over and over and over again to NOT open it, but keep it on our carry-on luggage so we have it at all times.  When we get off the plane at our first port of entry (LAX) the immigration officer will look through it and give it a stamp of approval.  With that stamp our little Miss Amelia Fanshuang will be a permanent US citizen! 

I'll admit the "worrier" in me is coming out.  The journey home is constantly on my mind.  Please pray for ease in all the airports (especially LAX), restful sleep for Emmy while on the plane, and the ability to stay entertained and semi-quiet for our active little girl.  I'm also very worried about jet-lag.  I've heard horror stories from people and I'm anticipating some trouble with coming home and being thrown straight into motherhood of THREE kiddos.  Two of which are on that time zone and one (including Aaron and myself) that are on this time zone with over 20 hours of travel thrown in.  Of course the little things are getting to me too.  I remembered in the middle of the night last night that the breaks in the van were squealing a bit before we left.  So, I need to get it in as soon as possible which means I will not have my mode of transportation that easily accommodates three kids.  Hopefully the garage will get them looked at and fixed in a timely manner.  Last but not least I need to figure out exactly how to do all the little things like apply for a social security card for Amelia, get her listed on our insurance, get a CoC (certificate of citizenship).  I really thought all my paperwork woes would come to an end now that the adoption is finally complete, but I'm mistaken.  Anyway, I'll try to post later on with some pictures from our final day in China.  It's a bit a bitter sweet and I'm already looking forward to next time when we can bring the whole family over.


Tina said...

Well now Cara, I am sure when you first started looking into adoption you didn't know where to start, so getting home and getting her social security card and CoC will be just as easy with all your resources. You have so many support systems at home that you will be able to count on as well. Everything will be fine, I promise!!!

Martha said...

Yes. We need to keep in touch since our girls 'know' each other and share a birthday. It has been a whirlwind trip. I can't believe it's winding down to an end. We leave tomorrow morning for the first leg of the tomorrow evening we will be on a straight shot for home. Glad we got to see each other in Wuhan. Blessings to you and yours!