Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Some Random Photos

Please say a prayer for my boys.  This is a picture of Cam begging us to come home.  Bryce is just so excited to be a big brother.  He's such a little lover and isn't quite as "vocal" about his wants and needs as the other two.  We're going to have to try really hard to make sure he doesn't get shoved into the background once we get home.  My heart breaks when they're sad and being away is difficult for all for all of us.
Right out of the bath prior to the melt down last night.

The little sweetie slept from about 9:00 last night until we had to wake her up at 7:30 this morning.  I hate to wake up a sleeping baby, but her brothers were waiting to Skype with her and we needed to get ready for our appointment this morning.

We sealed the deal with a stamp of her right foot!  It's official that Wu Fan Shuang is now Amelia Fanshuang Wade!  It's typical in Chinese culture to take the 3rd name and double it for a nickname.  So, Wu Fan Shuang is "Shuang-Shuang."  We've been calling her "Emmy Shuang-Shuang" to try to get her used to her American name.  We've found "Emmy" comes out so much better than "Amelia."  So, I'm thinking we have a nickname :0) Eventually we'll stop the Shuang Shuang part as she gets used to her American name.

This is the orphanage director, Mr. Chen.  He seemed to really care for the children.  Even though Emmy was in foster care, he knew her name and she was not one bit afraid of him.  So, we think she was fairly familiar with him.
She hopped on this little toy at the Civil Affairs Office and just went to town.  She's very daring!

Repercussions of waking her up early this morning was that she fell asleep on the ride back to the hotel. 

When she woke up she was very sad and cried for quite a while.  Luckily she is allowing me to comfort her and clings to us when she's sad.When she stopped crying we took her to her first outing at McDonald's!  We've bonded over french fries.  She's very sharing with her food and likes to put part of something between her lips and then feed it to us through a kiss.  Right now she's spooning Cheerios into Aaron's mouth.  (BTW, we had to do pigtails today in honor of Emmy's cousins.  We love you Kaitlyn, Shaylee, Jenna, and Kaci who didn't recognize her yesterday without the infamous piggies!)

Once somebody told me in a joking manner that Wuhan has 9 million people and 8 million of them ride scooters (on the side-walk no less).  At the time I laughed, but now I'm beginning to think it's true!  The traffic here is outragiously scary.  I'm talking 5 lanes of cars on a two lane street . . . no joking.  Also pedestrians do NOT have the right away.  I've heard of all this, but couldn't believe it until I saw it.  All the drivers know how to use their horns and they aren't shy about it.  It's quite the adventure!


Joanie said...

I am sure the boys are doing great with your mom, but that you miss them so very much and they miss you....that picture of Cam said it all! :-) But, all the things you did for them while you are gone, the paper links, amazing! You inspire me so very much! Thanks for sharing!