Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Day Two with Emmy

We are enjoying our time here in Wuhan with Emmy, however this city is not at all touristy and is mainly industrial.  We've had trouble finding places to eat and feel somewhat isolated at times.  We get the oddest stares from people and it's getting kind of hard to ignore them. Thank goodness there are the most wonderful families who are also staying here with us, the Berry's and the Krause's.  They make us feel somewhat "normal".  Martha Berry is the wonderful woman who sent me a photo of her daughter, Jolie, and recognized Emmy in the background.  It's very apparent Jolie and Emmy know each other.  They play and Jolie shares toys and snacks with Emmy (Emmy's not quite as gracious).  At one point we were on the same elevator with them and Jolie cried a bit when we got off on our floor. Unfortunately we haven't gotten to spend a lot of time with them as we are all trying to bond and adjust with our children.  However Courtney, Anne, and Leslie did come for a visit yesterday afternoon and it did a world of good for my soul.   The last two days we spent mainly doing adoption stuff and just hanging out with Emmy.  We decided to stay in our room the last two nights and just eat oatmeal and crackers because today and tomorrow we will be out and about doing some touring.  So, we wanted to spend some alone time in the room together.  Then we took a walk down the street to see the city night.  As much as I want to cherish our time here in Wuhan as Emmy's birthplace we are anxious to get to Guangzhou.  The island we're staying on is very "adoptive family friendly."  For the most part Emmy is doing really, really great.  I'm a worrier and for months now I've been hoping for the best but expecting the worst.  I really do feel we're getting the absolute best we could have hoped for.  However, I know there are a lot of families following along right now that are traveling soon to get their little (or big) ones and I don't want to paint too rosy of a picture.  Emmy's eating great, she's sleeping great, and she's playing great with us.  She's allowing us to comfort her and enjoys letting us hold her when we're out and about.  But, I know we're still dealing with some attachment stuff.  We would be fools to think we wouldn't have attachment issues.  She's still clings to her clothing.  Yesterday morning she didn't want us to take off her pajamas and she wore her coat and shoes most of the day today even when she was sweating tremendously.  Transitions with clothing changes are hard.  Even diaper changes can be scary for her.  However, she IS semi-potty trained :0)  She also is a "hitter".  She loves kisses and hugs when they are in a playful, teasing manner and wants us to hold her to comfort her.  But, there are many times that she smacks at us if we get too close.  But, she laughs about it.  So I'm not sure this is a coping mechanism and is guarding herself from getting too close, or if it's behavior she had with her foster family.  She knows the word "da" which is "hit" in her dialect of mandarin.  She's also fairly defiant and naughty.  The nanny's from the orphanage told us she was the only child in the foster family and the foster mother spoiled her.  I'm sure this is very true as it's apparent in some of her actions.  But, don't let me get you thinking she's a little monster either.  She's not at all.  I'm sure part of these actions are due to her age and it's just not fair to her to compare her to Cam and Bryce who we've raised and attached with since birth.  So, I feel like we're walking a fine line of how much we should discipline her and how much we should let her get away with.  All in all, we're only on day two and I couldn't be happier with how things are going.  We'll work through all of these issues and just use them as a bonding experience.  We miss home and can't wait to see everybody there, but we also know this is a trip in a lifetime and we're going to try to enjoy every minute of it while we're here.  Hugs to you all!

The view of the city from our 16th floor window.

I didn't think these window gel clings would be age appropriate for her, but I threw them in anyway.  I'm so glad I did!  She has quite the attention spand AND the dexterity for them.  She barely needed any help and she was really proud of herself.

She's quite proficient at feeding herself AND us!!!  She loves to share her food and when we eat it's pretty much community plates all around.  She helps herself to what she wants no matter whose bowl it's from!

I"ll try to upload some video later :0)


Jenny Lanik said...

Every chance I get I am checking for the latest blog. It is so nice because I feel like we are right along side of you. I am so happy things are going well and it sounds like her development is right on track...we should have known she's a Wade! Can't wait for our first play date.

-Lots of love from the Lanik's

pendants by djs said...

Cara, I have enjoyed your blog SO much! I anxiously wait for the next installment and photos. Emmy is so beautiful and I am very happy that you have been blessed so far with a smooth transition. Blessings! Diane Schnare