Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Touring in Wuhan

Today we went to the Provencial Museum as well as East Lake Park despite the hazy weather.  It's actually a very nice climate here even when it's considered "cold."  Wuhan has over 100 lakes and this one is really beautiful.  We could have walked around it all day, but Emmy was getting tired so we needed to head back to the hotel.  We borrowed a stroller from the hotel and she LOVES riding around like a princess!  She's a real go-getter and loves keeping active.  I was worried about how much we were actually going to get to do with 3 kiddos this summer, but I'm thinking she's going to be game for lots of family outings and mini-vacations!  Here are some pictures of our morning.

She was so ready to get in that stroller the minute she saw it and didn't ask to get out the whole time we were out.  Tomorrow our guide told us to bring the stroller, but we'll want the carrier too since some places has a lot of steps.  Luckily, she enjoys both modes of transportation.

In front of the provincial museum.  It's a beautiful building.

This is the world's largest musical instrument.  It's over 2000 years old and required 65 people to play.

I couldn't believe how much greenery the park had even in the beginning of March.  Many of the trees have beautiful color year round.

There were several weddings happening today as it's Feb. 28th in the lunar calendar.  Our guide explained that most weddings happen on what's considered lucky days of the lunar calendar.  Well, today was one of them!

This park was like an oasis in the middle of the city, but you could still see the very tall buildings in many areas.

This isn't the best picture of all the small children with their grandparents, but our guide explained to us that most young couples work now.  So, the children are typically cared for by their grandparents during the long hours that their parents are away.  Many spend lots and lots of time socializing at the various parks around the city.  People retire anywhere between the ages of 45-55.  So parents do not get to spend much time with their own children when they are small, but many of them have lots and lots of time with their grandchildren. 

These trees were really neat looking.

This little girl was with her very kind grandfather and they really enjoyed talking to Emmy.

She was calling her Mei Mei, "Little Sister."


Martha said...

Hey!! After our sight seeing today and trip to the super market, we came and took a long nap so I have not seen you to tell you about pizzahut. My daughter spotted it yesterday when we came out McD''s diagonally across from Mcd's. We walked back over there last night and got an order to go...They have a lot of different stuff on the menu...and were out of "cheese" we got the Hawaiian pizza and it tested good.

Joanie said...

Your story continues to fill my heart...

Deb said...

Glad to see you're enjoying Wuhan. Soak it up! You'll be in GZ before you know it! Thanks for sharing. She looks so cozy in that stroller!