Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A Little Bit Tom-Boy, A Little Bit Girlie-Girl!

I am just amazed how this little girl seems to be perfect for our family.  She's a spicy little Wuhan girl who will hold her own with her brothers I think.  She enjoys wrestling with Daddy on the floor and being flung into the air for some craziness, but she's just as happy pretending to cook with me and her attention span for books and drawing is really long.  We had a few tears yesterday afternoon, but usually she does really well in the daytime. We continue to have a minor melt-down every evening.  It doesn't last long and she's over it as quickly as it comes on.  But, we've found out she can be very "girl"!  She really likes having her hair done and it seems her foster mother must have played with it a lot.  She doesn't even flinch when you pull a hair rubber band out or when you pull while combing out snags.  After her bath she really enjoys being pampered.  It's like a baby spa around here.  Lotion takes about 10 minutes because she makes sure every inch of her body is slathered several times.  She already learned many of her body parts in English with this routine.  Then, she wants us to trim her fingernails and toenails.  They needed done quite badly the first night, now we just go through the routine for her.  After that she finds various combs and brushes and wants me to use each one to brush her hair.  The bonding experience is great!  So, last night I brought out the little bottle of girl's nail polish I grabbed on a whim while in Wal-Mart.  I didn't think I'd actually use it and it's so pale you can barely see it.  But, she was so proud to have it on her toes.  She kept blowing on it long after it was dried.  Overall things are going really great.  But, I'm a bit tired of feeling like a freak show.  We are a major oddity around here and people don't mind making us feel like we're in a fish bowl.  It was kind of humorous the first few days, but knowing a whole restaurant full of people are watching you as your toddler behaves like a toddler (naughty) you feel a bit like crawling under the table.  I have to say I don't blame them much.  I know we look odd.  But, the people working in the hotel are very nice.  They are more used to seeing adoptive families.  But, many of them have commented about how young Aaron and I are.  They are all really great with Emmy.
Fashion show!  These 12 months pants aren't going to fit for too long, so we need to get some use out of them while we can!

Daddy's really fun, but she's starting to initiate some hugs with me too.  I think all the "spa treatments" are helping :0)


Tina said...

She is so beautiful! I love how she is really concentrating on you painting her toes! Great update!

Dax, Ian, and Jude said...

Loving all these updates!! :)