Thursday, March 03, 2011

More Touring in Wuhan

You may be wondering why we’re still just hanging out here in Wuhan since we already have Emmy.  Well, her passport comes from her province and it takes 5 days to process.  So, our guide will pick it up for us tomorrow and we’ll be on a plane to Guangzhou tomorrow evening.  Then we’ll be in Guangzhou until next Thursday finishing everything up.  While we wait for official business to happen we like to fill our time with some touring.  Today we went to the Rare Stone Museum which was actually quite interesting and beautiful.  We also visited Yellow Crane Tower which is the pride of Wuhan.

We had a nice breakfast with Anne and Courtney Krause from Courtney's Blog this morning.  The breakfast buffet here is really, really amazing.  Not at all like the buffets we're used to at home where everybody shows up in their pajamas to eat dry cereal and the occasional "make your own waffle" service (if you're lucky).

This is the Chyrsanthemum stone which is unique to the Wuhan region and very beautiful.

Yep, you guessed it, this is called a "hairy rock" :0)

God's work was really evident at this museum.  The landscape he painted on this stone reminded us of home as a scene we may see in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Can you see the buffalo roaming the prairie?

The family (minus two) at the entrance to the Yellow Crane Tower.

A very large and beautiful mosaic painting of the Yellow Crane Tower.

This was the best picture I could get on my little Point-n-Shoot camera.  Aaron got a better one on his much more high tech camera, but the building in the middle of the page with the red colored roof is the Wuhan City SWI (Social Welfare Institute).  Emmy never lived there for an extended amount of time, but I know she spent at least a little bit of time there each month as we have pictures given to us to prove it.  The new building was built in 1997 and it was one of the first orphanages to participate in international adoption. 

This is a very large bell that used to be at the top of the tower.  It's huge!

Wuhan doesn't appear to be a very clean city.  We can see apartments out our hotel room that look like poverty stricken conditions, but our guide told us the price to buy would be the equivalence of $1,000,000 in the US.  However, some of them have the nicest looking gardens on the roof.  I would have loved to see this one close up.


Rachel's Blog said...

I love your posts - Amelia is so cute!! I enjoyed seeing another picture of Courtney, my mom, and new little brother eating breakfast with you all. I'm following your blog almost as closely as my sisters!! lol!!

Rachel (Courtney's sister)