Thursday, March 03, 2011

Best Chinese Food EVER!

The last two nights we ate at these cafeteria style restaurant that is on the 8th floor of a department store.  We never would have found this place on our own had another family that adopted here a while back not tipped us off.  The two Chinese places at home will forever be sub-par.  BTW, this whole meal cost the equivalence of about $2.50!  We’ve yet to figure out Emmy’s taste in food.  Yesterday she scarfed MEAT like there was no tomorrow.  Today she’s shunning anything that’s not a green vegetable. She’ll put about anything in her mouth, spit it out if she’s not familiar with it, examine it, and then try it again. I’m fairly certain she eats much better than either of the boys.  But, to be fair, the boys get pop on such a rare occasion that they aren’t really that fond of it.  Tonight we forgot Emmy’s sippy cup at suppertime, so she was getting swigs of our Coke.  I’m a bit nervous she’s hooked.  We had to hide the bottles once we got back to the room.  Tomorrow we head to Guangzhou.  I might not have much to report as we’re spending the morning getting packed up and we wont arrive there until later in the evening.

This picture doesn't do it justice, it was SO good!!!  I have no idea what I even ordered.  All the food is recreated in a plastic form and then put on display for the customers to observe.  I just pointed and made a few hand gestures.  Two minutes and 2 dollar's later, this is what I got.  Again, it looked MUCH better in person!  (BTW, we've started carrying our own plastic silverware with us.  Forks aren't that easy to find in the traditional Chinese restaurants and we'd starve with our chopstick skills.)

I'm really not even sure what this green vegetable was, but Emmy was digging it.  She still prefers Daddy and although she's getting better about this, she insisted on eating with her coat on.  She has no time for pictures when she's eating . . . she's serious about her food.