Friday, March 04, 2011

We’re in Guangzhou!
It feels so good to be here.  I didn't take pictures of our hotel room before we destroyed the place setting up camp.  I'm fairly certain our mothers are the only people that care what the hotel is like, so I will just assure you both that we being taken very well care of.  It's smaller than the last hotel, but newer and just as clean.  The only downfall is we are going from a king size bed to what appears to be a full size bed.  I'm hoping the 3 of us can last in it for almost a week.  If anything it will make our bed at home that much more accommodating :0)

Did I mention she’s spicey?  OK, yes, I think I did . .  .  and it’s proving to be more and more true!  Our sweet, adorable, little girl has a rather nasty habit.  She spits . . . at people.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I wonder if somebody from the Chinese adoptive community could tell me if this is a cultural thing.  I know people spit quite frequently in public here as they don’t think it’s rude but rather consider it more of a natural function.  But, she spits AT PEOPLE and then laughs?  Fortunately they all laugh back and often even play spit back at her.  There must have been some sort of police convention in our hotel and guess who she decided to spit at?  Yep, you guessed it, a police officer.  Luckily the officer found it humorous.  She also spit at another gentlemen on the elevator in the hotel as well as couple of middle school age girls walking behind us on the sidewalk.  Again, they all laughed and even spit back at her.  I know she thinks it’s cute and I wonder if it’s something her foster family did with her.  Hopefully we can break her of that habit before her brothers pick it up :0)

You'd never think this face could spit at a police officer.

But, I think this face could :0)
Monkey Jammies for a Monkey Girl!  She has the craziest hair in the morning!  I was trying to get a picture of it but she was moving around way too much.  The photo op resulted in a bunch of pink and brown blurs.

Today we packed up, had lunch, and then met our guide to pick up Emmy’s Chinese passport.  After that she took us to the Wuhan City Children’s Hospital which was Emmy’s finding spot.  We couldn’t go to the department that she was abandoned in because it is not open to visitors.  But, it was quite surreal and really got me thinking on the way to the airport.  It was a bit bitter sweet to leave the only city Emmy’s ever known.  Her biological family is in this city, or at least this province.  I wonder how much they think about her.  If it was me I’m sure it would be everyday.  I also wonder what they are doing today on the day their biological daughter is leaving the place that has been her home for the last 21 months but will be no more.  It’s a profound day and they don’t even realize it.  It makes me sad for them and for her.  Our source of joy is quite possibly the biggest heartbreak for them.  I just hope they know in their hearts that she’s going to have a great life and we’ll take very well care of her.  I continue to pray for her foster mother.  I have a feeling she’s very sad right now.  It sounds like she was very close to Emmy and we owe her so much for the wonderful care she gave our little girl.  I feel blessed to be Amelia Fanshuang's third and final mama.

In front of the hospital. Emmy was asleep, but woke up shortly.

The outpatient portion of the hospital.

The wing she was found in is in this building.  Unfortunately it's not open to the public.

Equipment in front of the hospital.

Upon being found she was taken to this little police station which patrols the busy street the hospital is located on.  They then delivered her to the orphanage.

This says Wuhan City Children's Hospital
At the airport we actually managed a picture of the infamous SPLIT PANTS!!!  I tried to be descreit when I was taking it.  I’m already an oddity here, so I didn’t want people thinking I was a total weirdo for taking pictures of baby’s bare butts.  But,  look at this little cutie.  His grandmother was very curious about us and brought him over for a visit.  He was just intrigued by our little Emmy!  Honestly I don’t understand how these people don’t get peed on constantly.  This little guy couldn’t have been more than 8 months old or so.  Our guide told us they start potty training in China when the baby is a month old.  Sorry, that’s not “potty training” that’s “parent training.”  They told me Emmy was potty trained and she will go on the potty at times when you set her on it, but I think we’ll stick to diapers and wait to do anything until we’ve adjusted at home for several months :0)  OK, back to the airport.  We entertained her prior to our flight very well by just letting her run around and we took several rides on the escalator and moving sidewalks.  But, being there in a crowded area showed me how NOT bonded and attached Emmy is to us.  She’s “mommy shopping” and is just as happy offering hugs and kisses to strangers as she is to us.  There was a creepy guy on our flight who sat near us at the gate.  He kept trying to entice Emmy to come to him.  She would have gladly gone if I hadn’t kept a very tight grip on her.  We tried our hardest to keep her away from him.  We’re trying to get her to trust us and she needs to know she’s with US, not any other person that is willing to hold her.  We're her parents, not just the caregivers for the time being.  We'll see how the rest of the trip goes, but there may be a no holding policy for visitors at home for the time being until we feel she's a bit more attached to us.

Little boy with split pants.  I wasn't interested in taking a picture from the front, but believe me when I tell you it's ALL for public viewing.  
He was just intrigued by our little Emmy!