Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Every year our local hospital has an Easter Egg hunt for the children in the community.   Usually it occurs with snow on the ground, but this year it snowed the night before and had melted in time for the ground to be soft and mushy.  The "hunt" is basically a whole bunch of kids crowded onto the lawn of the hospital standing in a large circle around hundreds of plastic eggs.  The kids listen to the signal for the hunt to begin.  It lasts a total of 3 minutes before every candy filled egg is snatched up.  I had a meeting after school this year, so Aaron had the pleasure of taking the kiddos alone.  He did well and I'm proud of him for keeping his patience throughout the whole ordeal.  Usually you need to get there 30 minutes early just to park within a decent walking distance for your small children to trudge to  the hospital. Then you must contain them and bribe them not to begin grabbing the eggs before the signal.  Basically, it's a lot of work for a 3 minute "hunt".  It might be a bit of a stressful situation for the parents, but seeing sheer joy on your child's face for that 3 minutes really does make up for it! 

The boys' "hats"!

So much for pastel short-sleeved dresses.  In our neck of the woods you wear your winter coats to the Easter egg hunts.

The boys had fun showing Emmy the way to do it.

Well, someone had to stay calm among the chaos!!