Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting Dirty, Getting Clean

We're gearing up for Easter Sunday tomorrow.  Right now I'm upholding my Easter tradition of watching "The Ten Commandments" on TV.  We're worshiping our Savior in the morning and heading to the ranch for some good food, fun, and family!  Oh, we're also hoping for a visit from "The Bunny" before sunlight comes.  Until then, here are some pictures from our day.  It turned out to be pretty nice outside and Aaron always gets excited about getting out into the yard about the end of April.  But, by the end of July he's usually tired of yard work :0)  Go figure.

Checking out a worm she discovered.

"Feeding" the worm to Daddy (GAG)!

She wants to help in any way she can.

Cleaning off his hands in the bird bath LOL!

You can literally see the slime and grime in this photo.

I LOVE this boy :0)

There's no other way to dye eggs than shirtless.

Well, I guess you can keep your underwear and hair bow.


This turned into a LONG bath.  But, we were also trying to just kill time until dinner, so it served two purposes. I can't wait until these kiddos can splash and play in the pool in a few months.

We've labeled her "Miss Destruction"!


Courtney said...

These pictures are so cute, Cara!!!!

Joanie said...

I have been following along, but haven't posted any comments. The pictures give a wonderful story of what is going on at your house! It is nothing short of wonderful!