Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bad, Bad Blogger!

Oh I feel so guilty.  Pictures are piling up to be blogged.  We've had several "blog worthy" events and it really just comes down to being to busy to put any effort into it.  I'm a bad, bad blogger.  I hope to pick back up on a more regular basis soon . . . I promise!!!  But, these photos are too cute to put on hold (plus, my dear husband was kind enough to upload the pictures on to the computer for me).  Cam's preschool class went to the local FFA Ag Day today and Aaron went for the fun of it too.  I can't believe my Cam-O is going to kindergarten next year.  This is one of the last hoorah's he'll have in preschool and boy did he enjoy it!  Thanks to Miss Jill, Little Angel's Preschool, and the amazing helpers that my boy loves so much!  You all ROCK!!!   Cam-O's going to miss you like crazy, but you don't get rid of our family so easily because Bryce is more than ready to step up and take his big brother's place and become a "Little Angel" (which, I warn you, will be quite a challenge for him)!

"Elmo" the calf!

A miniature calf.  Aaron says he's never seen anything like it.  It probably weighed about 10 pounds and resembled a baby deer.  You don't see these on Messersmith Ranch!

Cam talks about this buddy of his all the time.  Don't you LOVE this picture?!?!?

VERY excited about this tractor!

I don't know why, but this picture just cracks me up!

Here are all the "angels" together.  Graduation is next week and then they are off to kindergarten and even more adventures together!