Saturday, May 14, 2011

Please don't forget about me!!!

Even though I haven't had a decent post in A  LONG TIME I still come to my blog page several times a day.  I like to check out my favorite blogs daily and I have them listed along the side bar.  But, every time I check in I feel pangs of guilt about my poor neglected blog.  The bad thing is that I do have pictures to share, I just have no desire to go through the effort of uploading them to my computer and then posting them.  Again, I'm a bad, bad blogger right now.  So, I BEG you . . . PLEASE don't forget about me!  School is out in less than a week (I'm doing the happy dance as I type)!  So, I should have more time to check in and post.  However, just to put out a disclaimer . . . this summer is going to be WAY busy!  We sold our house a few weeks ago and have since bought another.  So, June is going to mainly consist of packing, unpacking, and settling in to our new house (another happy dance).  With this change I have a prayer request.  Emmy has been doing wonderful fitting into our family and I literally see a change in her comfort level every single day.  But, I'm worried this move may disrupt things a bit.  All the adoption experts will warn you about a major life change like this the first year or two you're home with your newly adopted child.  But, the timing has just worked out for this move, so we're going with it.  She seems very well adjusted and at least I'll be home with her everyday and not working during this transition, so we do have that going for us.  Still, I'm expecting to see a bit of a back slide.  On a side note, I HAVE to share with you all one of my absolute favorite blogs.  Many of you have probably already checked out Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Women, but I wanted to post a link for those that maybe haven't.  I LOVE her and her blog puts me into my "Happy Place"!  I think growing up on a ranch makes me really appreciate her life. She has beautiful photography, wonderful recipes, and a great sense of humor.  She's a city girl who became a ranch wife.  She describes herself as "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" and I find her very interesting.  So, if you have a few minutes to spare I highly suggest you check out her blog and maybe even become a Facebook fan!  OH, again, PLEASE DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME AND MY LITTLE BLOG.  Thanks!