Thursday, May 19, 2011

There's always something to learn!

I've received a lesson on . . . cinnamon toast.  Yes you read that right . . . cinnamon toast.  Last night I was surfing The Pioneer Women and came across this post.  I immediately knew we'd be having "brinner" (breakfast for dinner) tonight.  Scrambled eggs, oven fried potatoes, and the most delicious cinnamon toast I've ever had.  I wont even try to contemplate the number calories I consumed eating just one piece of this toast.  OK, now that's I've given The Pioneer Women two shout outs in a row on my blog I better be winning the Kitchen Aid mixer or the weekend retreat to her lodge that she is giving away to one of followers :0)


Martha said...

We tried that Cinnamon toast too when I saw her blog post about it. Her recipes are always a hit with my crew....I just need some cows to go tend to so that I can work off the calories. LOL

Jen said...

My kids don't want me to make cinnamon toast any other way now! Isn't it amazing? Sometimes we have it for dessert :)

Joanie said...

As you probably know from my blog, I have followed Ree for a long while. I have her cookbook, and her other two books now too. Try her "Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich" is GOOD!! And, I've been trying to win one of those mixers forever...good luck!